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Organize your SleepyHead Charts

When looking for help an need to show your charts, many of those that provide support are looking for specific graphs in the charts you provide. Many of the other graphss are not all that useful.

How to order the charts

When you start SleepyHead and select Daily view, you will see a page with information on the left, and charts on the right.

Each chart has a name displayed on it vertically on the left side of the chart.

You can move a chart up or down in the order by pointing your mouse pointer in the label part of the chart, right clicking and holding while moving the mount up or down.

Suggested Support Order for your charts

Below these charts, you can organize the remainder any way you want. Most of the lower graphs won't show up in the screen captures.

Left Side Calendar Off

On the left side, we want to see the calendar collapsed as monthly display is not of interest and it will end up hiding other info that will be wanted.

If you are using the F12 or screen shot function, it will automatically minimize the calendar for your and return it back to what it was set to when done.

You should have the slide for the left side up so that you see the big AHI in orange at the top.

Adjusting height of graphs

You can also adjust the height of the graphs by pointing your mouse at the border of a graph and then moving the mouse up or down.

Example Screen

When you are done, your screen would look something like:

Now you can take a screenshot

You can now easily take a screen shot of SleepyHead so you can post it for getting support... Go Here to Learn how to Take A Screen Shot

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