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Screen Shot of ResScan using Snipping Tool

Windows Vista and above...

Windows comes with a screen shot tool called the Snipping Tool. It is a very well kept secret, but it is a tool that lets you take a screen shot of the screen of what is currently on display.

Where is the Snipping Tool

You can find the snipping tool by clicking on the Start button and typing in snipping into the search window at the bottom of the window that pops up. It will then display the tool under Programs.

Running ResScan

When you run ResScan, a screen will pop up.

You need to select your patient file

This will show up recap info on the left. You really need to go to the Review tab to get to your detailed data.

Here you select the Detail Graph tab and select which day to display

When selected, you will see your detailed data for that day. You can change which day is displayed by clicking on the day on the left side of the screen and then the black outline of that date in the center of the screen.

Running the Snipping Tool you can select what part of the screen you want to capture.

When done, you will be in the snipping tools's display showing the screen area you told it to capture.

Now you can use the Save Icon to save that image to a location on your computer where you will know where find it. You will need that location for the next step.

Share your chart

Now that you have the screen capture saved where you know you put it, you can use imgur or some other sharing image system to upload it to and then share that link with the forum you are using for support.

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