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CPAP Machine Database

This section of the website provides access to a CPAP Machine Database. It can be queried several different ways to find info about CPAP machines, locate information about them an to help identify which machine you might have.

One of the purposes of this database is to find out what the machine you are using is called so that you can accurately set your equipment info in forums like CPAPtalk.com

Search By Description

The search box below allows you to enter in part of the description of your machine. Typically this might be part of the name like "System One". It will do a partial string match of all the units in the database.

Search for Desc:

Search By Manufacturer

This is a drop down list of the various manufactures in the database. When selected, you will be presented with a list of machines made by that manufacturer.

Select Mfg:

Search By Reference/Model Number

You can search via the CPAP's Model or Ref# using the search box below. If your entry includes a letter and it is not showing up, it is possible the database only has the numeric number without the letter designations. Example, DS760 might be found using 760.

Search for Ref/Model#
In most cases, the Model#/Ref# is located on the bottom or back of the blower unit. IF you have a humidifier attached, make sure you remove the tank with the water BEFORE flipping the unit over to locate it.

Search By Class

Below are pictures of the various classes of machines so you can search the class that matches what your CPAP machine looks like. Click on images below to list machines in that class.

Philips/Respironics Dreamstation

Philips/Respironics Series 60

Philips/Respironics Series 50

Philips/Respironics M-Series

Resmed AirSense 10

Resmed AirCurve 10

Resmed S9

Resmed S8

Resmed Astral

Resmed Stellar

DeVilbiss Intellipap

Fisher and Paykel Iconplus

Puritan Bennett GoodNight

Puritan Bennett Sandman

A number of people provided assistance and resourses to enable the creation of Machine Database. More info in the Credits Page

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